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Virtual Interactive Learning

Teaching and learning with virtual reality often requires expertise and experience with VR. This is precisely where the VIL portal comes in, offering a highly intuitive tool for teaching and learning with virtual reality.

VIL-Portal: Education with new perspectives

The VIL portal makes VR-supported knowledge transfer accessible to everyone – that’s our promise! The targeted preparation of the VR content to be used as well as the transfer to playlists, the management of the learning unit and the mirroring of the VR content on external monitors is done within a few seconds and guided clicks! This makes the VIL portal the most intuitive tool for VR learning and expands classic MDM functionalities to include the component of moderating immersive learning units.

Knowledge transfer with virtual reality

Knowledge transfer, whether in a company, school or academic context, is increasingly relying on a new vehicle: Virtual Reality! The VIL portal offers a customer-orientated setup so that teaching units can be started within seconds.
This saves your resources so that they are not tied up in infrastructure and technical issues, but can be used for the real thing.

With the VIL portal, you can access a generous library of VR content or expand it yourself with your own company and industry-specific content. The VIL portal also offers the classic MDM functionalities – such as the integration of new VR end devices and the synchronised management, control and maintenance of these.

Create your own teaching units

A teaching unit can be created in just a few moments! The central player for this is the library – this already contains a wide range of school and academic content and is also open for your own content – be it complex VR applications or 360° videos. A playlist for the upcoming teaching unit is created in the library within a few moments and played on your glasses in just a few steps.

Fast deployment: plug & play

As soon as the VR glasses have been distributed to the participants and learners, they are transported into the virtual world of your playlist at the touch of a button!

Content can be played to the entire group or smaller groups – the degree of individualisation of learning on one and the same surface is therefore unparalleled!

Once you have arrived in the virtual world, you can start exploring the virtual environment on your own.

Intuitive Mobile Device Management

This journey can initially take place without any moderation and leave room for orientation. However, if help is needed, you can intervene at any time and moderate and lead the session – you will see the image of the VR glasses in your management console at all times.

Despite the highly intuitive design, we are there for you!
As a German company, we rely on Germany as a development location, are close to our customers and also rely on German partners in terms of infrastructure, not least for GDPR reasons. We can therefore assure you that your data is in safe hands – in the Telekom Cloud!

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