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We design individual hardware solutions,
adapted to the challenges of your company

Maßgeschneiderte Lösungen

What does not fit,
is made to fit

We meet individual customer requirements with customized, freely configurable products and services.

As a provider of individualized hardware, we offer our business customers a wide selection of laptops, VR & AR headsets and desktop PCs, which can even be customized with your company logo if required. Our comprehensive, individual service includes

  • Installation of required software including deployment
  • Individual customization of settings and user accounts
  • Custom Windows images for AiO-XR & PCVR headsets
Award-winning costumer support

No question remains unanswered

In addition to outstanding service quality and customer satisfaction regularly confirmed by awards from the trade press, we also offer you the option of comprehensive project consulting.

Our experienced team is available to our clients throughout the project lifecycle to work together to develop customized solutions for a variety of areas, including

  • VR Arcades
  • University projects in science and software engineering
  • Hardware Requirements List Planning

Individuelle Lösung

The best solution for every challenge

As a renowned provider of high-end laptops and desktop PCs with the largest curated portfolio of VR and AR hardware in Europe and exclusive European distribution rights, we work closely with leading XR manufacturers.

We maintain software collaborations with selected partners and have a broad network of qualified XR developers to provide you with comprehensive, end-to-end solutions.

Gefertigt in Deutschland

Assembled and tested in Germany

Our location advantage in Leipzig enables us to effectively deal with supply chain issues. With local quality management in-house, we ensure the highest standards. Our headquarters in Leipzig combines customer service, consulting, warehouse and production for maximum efficiency for the benefit of our customers.

Assembled in Germany
Individual solutions for innovative customers

Schenker Solutions supports you with reliable and high-quality hardware solutions, which we adapt individually to the hardware requirements of your company in joint consultation.

SCHENKER hardware combines first-class and reliable high-end performance with efficiency & durability.

Solutions for education and research
Solutions for companies of all sizes

Small and medium-sized enterprises are often faced with the challenge of needing an effective and efficient system landscape despite limited resources.

Our custom-fit hardware solutions aim to help these companies optimize their business processes and maximize their productivity at a reasonable price. In addition, we are at your side with services such as

  • Implementation and maintenance of hardware components
  • Provision of comprehensive software solutions
  • Excellent customer support
VR-Lösungen für kleinere Unternehmen

We understand the specific challenges of larger companies and deliver tailored solutions to help you grow.

To meet their individual needs and help them achieve their business goals, we work closely with our customers to support them by, among other things

  • Provision and integration of extensive hardware infrastructures
  • First-class consulting services
  • Development of customized software solutions
Hardware-Lösungen für große Unternehmen
Solutions for education and research

We offer educational and research institutions in the higher education sector comprehensive and customized hardware solutions for the specific requirements of teaching and research.

In addition, we can support institutions in the education and research sectors not only with high-performance SCHENKER hardware such as high-end laptops, desktop PCs, and specialized VR headsets, but also, if needed, with solutions such as

  • Professional software integration
  • Integration of network infrastructures
  • Security solutions to protect sensitive data
VR-Lösungen für Hochschulen

From powerful workstations and servers to specialized data analysis and HPC systems: We offer you a wide range of high-quality hardware for research and science that guarantees scalability and reliable high performance when carrying out demanding projects and computations.

In order to always be able to rely on your technologies, we are also happy to support you with services such as

  • Design and integration of hardware & software systems
  • Individual customer service
  • Professional maintenance of your hardware systems
VR-Lösungen für Forschungsinstitute
Solutions for public clients

As a public sector client, you can rely on us to support you with a reliable hardware solution that is optimally tailored to your specific requirements.

Thanks to our internal, highly professional quality management in Leipzig, in addition to the qualitative products of our renowned partners, every laptop and desktop PC from SCHENKER of course not only meets the highest quality, but also the applicable safety standards.

VR-Lösungen für öffentliche Auftraggeber
Our partners
AMD Asus Corsair HP Microsoft HTC Vive Intel Manage XR Manus Meta NVIDIA PICO Samsung Seasonic Senseglove Ultraleap Uvisan Varjo VRdirect Zotac
HTC Vive
AMD Asus Corsair HP Microsoft HTC Vive Intel Manage XR Manus Meta NVIDIA PICO Samsung Seasonic Senseglove Ultraleap Uvisan Varjo VRdirect Zotac
AMD Asus Corsair HP Microsoft HTC Vive Intel Manage XR Manus Meta NVIDIA PICO Samsung Seasonic Senseglove Ultraleap Uvisan Varjo VRdirect Zotac