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Critical design reviews, in which prototypes or assembly plans are checked against the previously formulated requirements up to release, are among the most important milestones within the planning of machines, plants or workplaces. Planning and implementing such designs can sometimes be costly, time consuming and labor intensive.


The user-friendly XR Easy software helps you to quickly and intuitively display CAD models in VR.
Load existing 3D CAD models into virtual reality with the user-friendly VR software XR-EASY. Plan and present your design virtually and make better decisions for the future of your business faster.

VR for business

Assembly planning and design reviews in VR and AR

Thanks to PICO and XR-EASY, new paths are being opened up in assembly planning: With XR-EASY, anyone can work intuitively on virtual prototypes anytime and anywhere with their bare hands. This allows assembly processes to be simulated, gripping and assembly steps to be optimized, and waste to be reduced overall. This saves a lot of time, money and increases work safety. Thus, XR-EASY simplifies and accelerates the design review and facilitates the documentation of decisions.

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Countless possibilities

Whether you work alone or in a team, virtual design reviews speed up the revision process. It also opens up completely new possibilities that make the planning process more agile overall. The need for physical prototypes can often be avoided while enabling virtual collaboration among multiple parties across locations and enterprises. Travel becomes superfluous. This enables early and more frequent involvement of customers, installers, workers, and supervisors, which greatly improves the quality of planning and reduces planning time and costs. Thanks to PICO’s convenient stand-alone headsets, these design reviews become usable by anyone with a PICO headset, without the need for a high-powered computer. At the same time, XR Easy and PICO reduce the entry barriers for inexperienced users with their intuitive operation.

A new way of working together

With the Coop-in-VR mode, XR-EASY offers various intuitive tools for collaborative work on planning designs. These make it possible to check functionality, safety and ergonomics or even compare different machines, workstations or production lines in detail side by side as if they were real.

VR für Ingenieure

Design processes rethought.

PICO’s hardware and XR-EASY’s software enable detailed consideration of assembly processes. By using VR glasses, developers and customers can experience the systems realistically in the design phase and check them in terms of ergonomic and maintenance properties.

XR-EASY’s VR tool requires no special training and enables spontaneous virtual reviews in on-site meetings or at different locations. Using the VR tool allows designers to access realistic virtual assets at any time for further work, including handling large amounts of data and interaction using VR goggles and hand-tracking technology from Leap Motion.

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