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Our vision

The digital transformation presents companies with major challenges and even greater opportunities.

We design individual and holistic solutions for the development of new potentials of your company.

Made in Leipzig

With Schenker Solutions, we pursue the goal of offering companies and business customers highly specialized, customized hardware solutions consisting of precisely configured hardware systems, state-of-the-art extended reality hardware and complementary services.

Our team focuses on understanding our customers’ individual requirements in detail in order to provide them with the best possible support and advice: We help you optimize your hardware infrastructure and integrate disruptive virtual and mixed reality technologies into your process flows.

Hardware solutions since 2002

Schenker Technologies GmbH is a pan-European provider of hardware solutions and the latest extended reality technologies, specializing in the development and production of high-performance, individually configurable laptops and desktop PCs since 2002. With its in-house product brand SCHENKER, the company focuses on professional users and commercial customers.

Schenker Technologie also acts as a specialist distributor for mixed and virtual reality hardware and supports its customers in this area in the holistic implementation of their commercial-creative and industrial projects – from small start-ups to established large corporations.

Our expertise

With a comprehensive range of high-quality hardware, industry-specific software solutions and comprehensive, in-depth consulting, Schenker Solutions is the ideal partner for companies that want to take their system landscape to the next level or drive digitization by integrating state-of-the-art extended reality technologies.

Our desktop PC, laptop and XR product managers work intensively with the leading component and hardware vendors, as well as our in-house test lab, to develop systems and solutions that meet all the requirements and wishes of business customers.

A Leipzig success story

A lot has happened in 20 years. Come with us on an exciting time travel through two decades of hardware history. Bit by bit, we unveil new multimedia content on the individual milestones of our company’s development…

Locations & Markets

Leipzig, Germany
Headquarters, Production, Service & Support, Warehouse & Logistics,
Sales, Marketing

LEFX & VRBITS: VR & AR Software Developers

Taipei, Taiwan
Procurement, purchasing, quality assurance

Europe and beyond
We supply customers in 80 countries

Individual solutions for innovative customers

Schenker Solutions supports you with reliable and high-quality hardware solutions, which we adapt individually to the hardware requirements of your company in joint consultation.

SCHENKER hardware combines first-class and reliable high-end performance with efficiency & durability.

AMD Asus Corsair Microsoft NVIDIA HTC Vive Intel Manage XR Manus Meta PICO Samsung Seasonic Senseglove HP Ultraleap Uvisan Varjo VRdirect Zotac
Partner & Cooperations

It is important to build a strong network of partners and collaborators. We are proud to work with the largest companies in the industry.

For example, we maintain a direct line to all the major XR hardware manufacturers in order to make improvements and system adjustments based on feedback from our own customers. If necessary, we will establish direct contact between you and our partners.

But within our network, you’ll also find the right point of contact for support in developing your own XR services and applications – helping you to always realize your full potential and continuously driving the development of innovative business solutions together with you.

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