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Control your entire
Fleet of VR & AR devices

Manage XR hardware remotely,

Deliver content

and control what users can see and do in the headset.

Effortless management of AR and VR devices

Manually managing devices is a challenge that traditional MDMs have reached their limits. ArborXR lets you manage VR devices securely and with full control. Enjoy the ability to securely set up and freely configure your devices, update settings, and monitor your inventory.

Scale VR & AR deployments

Scaling XR devices remotely is nearly impossible. However, with ArborXR, you can easily manage an unlimited number of VR or AR devices clearly and perform bulk registrations or bulk configurations.

VR and AR content delivery 

To install content, both connecting cables and older MDMs are a tedious challenge. ArborXR lets you deploy applications and files to headsets, check installation status, and share content the way you want.

Centralized control for countless settings

Manage VR devices, deliver and control content

VR-Brillen kontrollieren mit ArborXR

Manage AR and VR content

Reliably delivering content on the go is difficult, inefficient, and costly. ArborXR lets you remotely deploy and update content, organize it, and monitor usage.

ArborXR Home Launcher 

The default VR environment is full of distractions and offers little control to administrators. ArborXR lets you fix device settings and avoid user experience degradation. Guide users through the virtual world, control apps, and freely regulate access rights as you see fit.

ArborXR Menu

Single App Kiosk Mode

It’s complicated to restrict a headset to a single app while keeping it secure from tampering. ArborXR lets you safely limit the virtual reality headset to a single app with Kiosk Mode.

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