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Virtual reality in crime prevention

The latest virtual reality technologies open up innovative applications in public safety – from training and cooperation to forensics and training.

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Realistic simulations
for training & education

The latest software and hardware solutions enable law enforcement agencies and security authorities such as the police to carry out VR simulations for further education, training and education with unrivalled accuracy.

Virtual solutions can create realistic and effective training environments for various operational scenarios without taking any real risks.

Virtual cooperation,
forensics & law enforcement

Virtual and augmented reality are also paving new ways in practice. Virtual spaces allow law enforcement to work together effortlessly regardless of geographical boundaries.

In addition, revolutionary VR technologies also enable the effective reorganisation of key processes such as crime scene analysis.

Training in VR

The latest virtual reality technologies are revolutionising the way police and security services train.

Virtual training can be carried out with unrivalled accuracy using highly realistic simulations. This allows officers to simulate diverse scenarios from complex and dangerous situations from hostage situations to routine activities such as traffic control to improve their skills safely and effectively.

Efficient & effective training

The use of virtual reality in training and continuous professional development not only increases the effectiveness of training sessions, but also saves considerable costs. Reduced travel requirements, highly realistic training scenarios and faster access to training materials are just some of the benefits.

VR in forensics & law enforcement

VR and AR open up new possibilities for crime fighting and forensic investigations.

Expand the capabilities of your investigators so that crime scenes can be reconstructed and analysed in virtual environments. This enables more precise statements to be made in forensics and law enforcement, which leads to more efficient investigations and can provide the decisive clue in extreme situations.

Collaboration redefined

VR enables law enforcement agencies and authorities to work together in virtual spaces, regardless of location.

On the one hand, this promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience across geographical borders and, on the other, improves coordination in complex operations. In critical situations in particular, risks of loss of time and information or miscommunication can be avoided.

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