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ImproVR: Neural VR training

ImproVR enables athletes to optimise their performance through neural VR training. The advanced, science-based exercises are designed to improve neuroathletic and cognitive skills, bringing athletes to the pinnacle of their sporting performance.

Science in sport

Discover the science behind VR training programmes. Each module is grounded in the latest research findings to enhance neuroathletic performance.

Remote rendering

The VR modules dynamically adapt to your progress, constantly providing new challenges and maximising your neuroplastic abilities.

How it works

Application examples

Optimisation of design reviews

Choose from a variety of VR training options specifically tailored to your needs. This can improve both your reflexes and decision-making skills.

Neuroscience training modules

ImproVR employs state-of-the-art VR technology to enhance the cognitive and coordination performance of athletes. Train anywhere, anytime with scientifically developed modules.

Training and inspection

Receive instant feedback during your VR training sessions. ImproVR analyses your performance and provides guidance to optimise your athletic skills.

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