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XR made simple

JoinXR is a platform for collaboration in mixed and virtual reality. It facilitates virtual design reviews, sales presentations, remote inspections, and training processes through remote rendering.


Gain easy access to JoinXR’s immersive multi-user spaces, featuring photorealistic avatars and 3D audio, to enable effortless collaboration from anywhere in the world.

3D visualization

Create and share 3D presentations to clearly explain products, solutions, and designs.

Remote rendering

Remote rendering ensures that data processing bottlenecks and display limitations are overcome when working with complex models — from 3D & CAD to BIM or Point Cloud.

Optimization of design reviews

With JoinXR, you can import CAD, BIM, and Point Cloud data from ongoing projects, assisting your engineers in identifying and resolving issues early in the process.

Further advantages


Increase display performance of your device

Fast preparation

Save time and money with rapid content preparation

Digital collaboration

Reduce necessities, move people to products

Environmentally friendly

Reduce CO2 emissions by cutting down on prototypes, design errors and travel

Increased sales & faster time to market

3D real-time presentations enable you to explain your service offering to your customers in a captivating and engaging manner, simplifying complex issues.

Training and inspection

JoinXR helps you avoid excessive costs through engaging education and immersive inspections. Combine real-world scan data with your CAD data to provide your team with comprehensive insights in mixed and virtual reality.

Ease of use through design

With JoinXR, you can quickly schedule meetings as well as easily upload, design, and share content. Extensive options for user management and access control also save time and money on account management.


JoinXR complies fully with ISO 27001 and adheres to Azure industrial security standards. Fracture Reality, the developers of JoinXR, are committed to upholding the highest standards of information security and continually implement industry-leading practices to protect their customers’ data.

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