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Virtual Interactive Learning

Teaching and learning with virtual reality – this often goes hand in hand with presupposed know-how and experience with VR. This is precisely where VIL comes in, offering a highly intuitive tool for teaching and learning with virtual reality.

VR-Solutions for sustainable learning

All-in-one: The hardware solutions from our partner VIL offer both stationary and mobile self-sufficient operation. The solutions include a control panel for effective control of the learning units with integrated software and support up to 30 headsets with automatic charging and storage. This versatility enables flexible adaptation to the needs of learning groups of different sizes and types. Thanks to this innovative solution, the VIL learning cases and desks are particularly user-friendly and adaptable.
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VIL Learning Desk

Touchscreen Control

Equipped with a 27-inch LED touchscreen, the VIL learning desk offers an intuitive user interface for teachers to effectively moderate and control digital learning content.


With storage and charging functions for multiple VR headsets, the learning desk enables smooth operation of standalone VR devices that can directly access learning content.

Theft protection and network connection

An integrated wireless network supports the connection with connected devices, while electronic security systems ensure the protection of the hardware.

VIL Learning Case

Mobility and safety

The learning case enables the safe storage and transportation of VR glasses, a router and an optional tablet, including a charging system for the devices.

Communication and ventilation

A mobile router provides the wireless network for the connected devices, while an active ventilation system guarantees smooth use of the hardware.

Technical specifications

With materials made of PETG and polyethylene foam, a mains voltage of 230 V and LTE mobile technology, the learning case is designed for demanding use.

Software: VIL Learning Systems

Revolution in education

The learning system marks a turning point in the way educational institutions use modern technologies. It offers a seamless integration of virtual reality into the classroom, allowing teachers and students alike to benefit from interactive and immersive learning experiences. These systems are specifically designed to meet the needs of the modern classroom and encourage in-depth interaction with the subject matter, increasing understanding and enthusiasm for new topics.

Future-proof educational technology

With the VIL learning systems, schools and educational institutions are focusing on sustainability. The hardware is not only robust and secure, but also intuitive to operate and flexible to use in different learning environments. Thanks to the constant expandability of the learning content via a cloud-based platform, the systems always remain up-to-date and adaptable to rapidly changing educational requirements.

VIL offers a long-term solution for schools that want to modernize their learning methods and promote the digital competence of their students.

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