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High-performance laptops for every challenge

Hardware solutions for all modern challenges – from mobile, powerful workstations to elegant premium ultrabooks and reliable office notebooks.

Schenker Solutions bietet Ihnen die aktuellste Hardware.

Latest technology

Thanks to constant integration of the latest components, we always keep our laptop range at the cutting edge of technology. Our continuously updated portfolio offers you state-of-the-artfeaturess, maximum performance and the highest efficiency in every price range.

What’s more, in addition to our high-quality laptops, we also offer innovative combination solutions tailored specifically to your individual business requirements.

Schenker Solutions - Qualitative Verarbeitung


SCHENKER laptops meet extended quality requirements for productive use down to the smallest detail.

Through the use of high-quality components, careful quality management in production and intensive testing prior to delivery, we ensure that each of our systems meets thethe highest standards of reliable long-term operation.

Hochperformante High-End Hardware

High-end performance

Modern, digital working environments require high-performance hardware infrastructure.

Designed for maximum performance, our top of the range laptops are perfectly suited modern digital work environments. Whether you need a desktop replacement workstation or a lightweight yet powerful ultrabook, these devices enhance productivity with faster and more efficient workflows.

Our model series are perfectly tailored to your needs

Freely configurable

Individual tailor-made products are our strength! Together we determine the optimal hardware and equipment requirements for your project and budget. Our freely configurable laptops enable precise combinations of the latest components according to your personal requirements. Choose graphics cards from different performance classes, display options, country-specific keyboard layouts and individual RAM and SSD configurations.

Get customized, professional notebooks that meet your requirements in every aspect and say goodbye to inflexible standard configurations!


Upon request, we can personalize your new laptops with your company logo and lettering using multicolour printing or laser engraving techniques. With this bespoke solution, you

can achieve a consistant corporate identity for a polished external image. The display lid or the area surrounding the keyboard can both be selected, offering flexibility in your branding.

Our customization services also give you the opportunity to include our laptops in your own portfolio with your branding or even your customers’ branding – for example, as part of the solution packages you offer yourself, including nameplates printed to your specifications.

Windows 11 Pro - designed for hybrid working

Windows 11 Professional is the ideal operating system for modern, hybrid work environments, bringing together flexible offline and online capabilities by linking Windows 11 and Windows 365. Work from anywhere in your familiar environment – both on your own laptop and on any Windows 365 cloud PC in your organization.

Extended warranty

Every SCHENKER notebook comes with a factory extended 36-month basic warranty. Included is a convenient Pickup & Return service as well as a free 6-month Quick Repair, which can optionally be extended to the full 36-month warranty period.

Service & Support

Over the entire life cycle of your hardware, we offer you full service and support. Since we deliberately map all process steps between pre-sales, order processing and after-sales in-house at our company location in Leipzig, our departments work hand in hand to process your request as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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