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The future of meetings

VIVE Sync is the all-in-one solution for meetings and collaboration in VR. Feel like you are in the same room, even if you are on the other side of the world.

Feel like you are meeting face to face

Custom full-body avatars make it feel like you’re actually meeting in person. Open and immersive environments allow for meetings with up to 30 people, so nothing stands in the way of larger meetings.

VIVE Sync Avatar erstellen

Child's play
Avatar creation

Create your own avatar by simply taking a selfie.

Integrates with your
existing workflow

Discover the ease of meeting scheduling with the intuitive Outlook add-in that lets you organize meetings effortlessly. The easy-to-use software allows you to join meetings seamlessly – whether you’re in the office or on the road. To give you the freedom to make your meetings more efficient and interactive, you have the ability to easily upload a variety of file formats.
VIVE Sync Workflow

Intuitive and easily accessible

The clear UI design of VIVE Sync allows users to effortlessly learn the user interface operation. Joining a meeting is as easy as ever: even if you don’t have a VR-enabled device with you – join without a VR headset by simply using your smartphone or computer.

With Sync VR, it is possible for you to join meetings conveniently from anywhere. Immerse yourself in an immersive environment and interact with colleagues and business partners in real time, regardless of your location – video conferencing in VR offers you a new dimension of collaboration.

Shaping Remote Work Socially

With VIVE Sync, you have the ability to discreetly have private conversations with the surround sound feature and keep your personal conversations private. To ensure that VR meetings don’t lose their personal touch, VIVE sync allows you to give your counterpart a high-five or shake hands.

Assignments work effortlessly, too – Keep your meeting moving by assigning roles and managing permissions to ensure effective collaboration and a clear structure.

All your favorite tools

VIVE Sync helps you stay organized and keep track of all relevant information.

Use a wide range of classic meeting tools like sticky notes and the laser pointer to make your presentations more interactive, and work even more productively by opening multiple documents, websites, and videos simultaneously and arranging them as needed in your virtual meeting room.

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