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VR solutions from Meshify

From consulting to implementation & training: Meshify supports your company with professional mixed reality solutions for Meta and Microsoft Mesh.

Meshify VR


From defining objectives, analysing your requirements, and developing a customised MR solution to providing targeted support for the Microsoft Mesh rollout – our partner Meshify supports you with the design of individual mixed reality strategies and business transformations, as well as with comprehensive Microsoft Mesh starter guides.


Customised spaces, interactive 3D assets, and other individual Microsoft Mesh/Meta solutions – your mixed reality ideas are transformed into successful and impressive experiences, both conceptually and technically. Meshify implements your mixed reality solution, integrates it into your existing systems and applications, and ensures smooth operation.


Meshify advises you on the best practices and trends in the field of MR, trains your employees, and supports you in the introduction and utilization of your MR solution. In this way, you can transform your mixed reality use cases into relevant added value through many years of experience and customized measures such as joint concept development.

Bringing work to life.

Better teamwork

VR product presentations
Employee training
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The choice is yours

Even without customization, “Microsoft Mesh Immersive Space in Teams” can offer great added value for your company if used sensibly.

Together with your team, Meshify identifies your requirements and needs to develop an implementation package that is perfectly suited to you.

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Customised immersive spaces

The full potential of Microsoft Mesh is often only realized when individual use cases are implemented.

Meshify designs and realizes your collaboration spaces, develops interactive 3D assets, and, if required, supports you with the appropriate training and change activities to achieve your goals together.

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Marketing and sales

From product and solution marketing to branding and sales, mixed reality aids in implementation. In the projects we’ve undertaken, we showcase a myriad of practical applications for mixed reality.

Your business goals and customer interfaces are pivotal in this regard.

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Training & product presentation

Mixed reality provides comprehensive support for your product launches and training on new products or processes. Virtual training ensures highly interactive preparation of learning content.

Emphasis is placed on quality and visual presentation when showcasing products. Thus, the content facilitates the efficient and sustainable introduction of your products and processes.

Meshify Industrie lernen

How you can use virtual reality for your business

Design & Engineering

Varjo is revolutionizing the way design and creative work is done on a professional level through their groundbreaking MR & VR headsets.

Using industry-leading technology, we immerse you in the most natural mixed and virtual reality environments ever created.

Medicine & Healthcare

With professional XR solutions, your team can prepare risk-free and effectively for the most challenging situations in real professional life.

Varjo’s MR & VR goggles can create an experience so natural that it puts medical professionals in a state of higher concentration and emotional engagement.


Through revolutionary hardware & software solutions of Virtual and Mixed Reality, new essential insights can be gained in various research areas such as. of behavioral research can be gained.

With the right combination of hardware and software, researchers can already capture data with real-world study accuracy while saving significant materials and costs.

Simulation & Training

The latest virtual reality solutions allow you to immerse your team in a photo-realistic and realistic training environment from one moment to the next.

This allows users to fully concentrate on their training directly as soon as the training simulation starts.

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