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PICO business

VR & AR solutions from a single source

PICO Business Suite was developed specifically by PICO to address the needs of enterprise customers and ISVs (independent software vendors) for customised solutions.

Tap into new business potential

PICO bietet Ihrem Unternehmen mit der PICO Business Suite eine umfassende, ausgefeilte SoftwareLösung, die Sie dabei unterstützt, Ihre Effizienz zu steigern, Kosten zu senken und potenzielle technische Herausforderungen zu bewältigen.

PICO für Unternehmen
Mit PICO Software VR-Brillen personalisieren

Personalize XR devices & content

The umplete VR-software makes you possible to use PICO VR All-in-One-headsets in a flexible, innovative and personalized way and set up the devices faster and more efficiently.

PICOs Software offers its users next to the three main functions Synchronization, Streaming and Kiosk modeandalso other possibilities like customised home screens and other solutions used in education, training, marketing, etc. and highly valued by companies.

Designed for business needs

PICO Business Suite was developed specifically by PICO to address the needs of enterprise customers and ISVs (independent software vendors) for customised solutions.

So puts PICO company with the Business Suite a system providesthat enables centralized management and deployment while being both customizable and easy to implement.

PICO Business Suite
PICO Synchronisierung


Thanks to the Sync-function, users can connect multiple VR devices as experience terminals via a router using a PC. This is particularly suitable for scenarios such as introductory events, theater, VR classrooms, educational exhibitions, and offline entertainment and offers both companies and educational institutions versatile application possibilities.


Stream content to multiple devices at once. In schools, teachers can Demonstrate content on PCVR, while students can follow the instructor’s perspective in real time canto learn content even more intuitively.

In addition, the Streaming via the Business Suite the Pico Streaming Assistant, the accompanies the user every step of the way for a smooth streaming experience. Low cost, ease of content conversion, and ease of maintenance are advantages that not only represent a great relief in the education and training marketbut also across different industries by different companies. Highly valued be

PICO Streaming Assistent
PICOm Business Suite Kiosk Modus

Kiosk mode

Kiosk Mode is PICO’s software solution for use cases where inexperienced users can quickly and conveniently experience VR videos without the need for a supervisor. So können Unternehmen beispielsweise festlegen, dass ein VR-Headset nur auf eine bestimmte Anwendung von einem standardisierten Konto aus zugreifen kann.

Furthermore, automated content playback is also possible, so users only need to put on the all-in-one headsets to directly watch one or more customised, automatically played videos. This makes the kiosk mode crucial for location-based VR applications such as conference booths and simulation training.

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