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Mobile Device Management
for companies

ManageXR is a VR & AR platform that helps companies implement immersive training, product presentations and virtual collaboration in XR.

Full control over your XR headsets

ManageXR solves the challenges of VR rollouts. Distribute content, customize the user experience, and troubleshoot device issues without leaving your desk.

All your VR devices in a single place.

Monitor your VR & AR devices, check device status, and gain key insights for easy troubleshooting.

Distribute apps, files, and firmware updates.

Deliver all your VR content remotely to keep your devices up to date remotely.

Transfer your settings to different devices

Transfer content, firmware, and more to multiple devices simultaneously.
All in just a single workflow.

ManageXR verbessert Workflow

Customize your home screen.

Use Kiosk mode to lock a device to a single app, or customize the home screen to create a streamlined user experience.

Control countless devices at the same time.

Organize devices into groups, apply configurations that define a device’s behavior, and send real-time commands.

Set up devices with a single click.

Save time by setting up a large number of devices with the ManageXR Device Setup Tool.

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