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HTC VIVE Black Friday Deals

Professional XR hardware from HTC VIVE and laptops with a discount of up to over 420 euros*

As part of this year’s Black Friday promotion, you can benefit from big discounts on mixed and virtual reality headsets and matching accessories from HTC VIVE up to and including 17 December. Take advantage of our special offers now to bring your company’s professional XR technologies up to date.  

HTC’s powerful and high-resolution VIVE Pro 2 virtual reality headset for professional PC VR applications kicks things off. You can choose between a discount of over 250 euros* on the headset itself to complement an existing SteamVR tracking system, or the complete package consisting of the VIVE Pro 2 and two SteamVR Tracking 2.0 base stations and controllers, reduced in price by more than 420 euros*.  

The HTC VIVE Wireless Adapter, discounted by over €160*, allows you to stream VR content wirelessly from your desktop PC to the VIVE Pro 2 and is also suitable for adding wireless streaming functionality to existing wired VR solutions from the VIVE or VIVE Comos series.

HTC VIVE Black Friday VR-Deals

Also available is the HTC VIVE XR Elite modular mixed reality headset with high-resolution video pass-through with more than 250 euros* off . This model impresses with maximum flexibility and allows you to play high-quality PC VR content via either a wired USB-C connection or wireless streaming. Thanks to the integrated battery, memory and a modern Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 SoC, the VIVE XR Elite also functions as a stand-alone all-in-one headset.  

You will receive a discounted promotional price when you purchase the HTC VIVE Tracker 3.0 motion controller, which uses sensors to transfer objects from the real world to a virtual environment – from static objects to precisely captured body movements – perfect for mapping production processes in VR, motion capturing or immersive simulation training, for example. 

In addition to the headsets, we recommend purchasing the VIVE Business Warranty & Services (BWS) to benefit from the advantages of a commercial licence and warranty as well as accelerated business customer support. This add-on for commercial use is available for 220 euros*.

Attractive offers & bundles with VR-ready laptops

We have also put together two attractive bundles for you consisting of laptops and headsets perfectly pre-configured for specific applications.


The first includes the HTC VIVE Pro 2 with our 16-inch all-round SCHENKER MEDIA 16 laptop with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060, which is perfectly tailored to the needs of creative professionals thanks to its bright, colour-accurate and high-resolution 16:10 display. You save 275 euros*. 

The second bundle, on the other hand, is all about maximum portability for mobile use: both the HTC VIVE XR Elite and the high-quality premium ultrabook SCHENKER VISION 16 impress with their particularly slim and lightweight design – making them both ideal for travelling! Of course, this combination offer is also heavily discounted: you save 220 euros*.

Intel NUC X15 Arc VR-Bundle

Finally, Intel’s NUC X15 Arc laptop is 140 euros* cheaper during the promotion period. The 15.6-inch device impresses with the ideal balance of high performance and light weight and provides creatives and content creators with a modern feature set for their workflow thanks to its Intel Arc A730M graphics unit – all at an attractive low price.

* All prices and discounts are exclusive of VAT.

Discounted VIVE VR products:

VIVE Pro 2 (Full Kit)

  • 5K resolution | FOV: 100°
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Connection via USB-C/Bluetooth
  • SteamVR™ Tracking | Replaceable battery
  • Adjustable IPD values | customizable fit
  • incl. SteamVR Tracking 2.0 Base Stations + controller

VIVE Pro 2

  • 5K resolution | FOV: 100°
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Connection via USB-C/Bluetooth
  • SteamVR™ Tracking | Replaceable battery
  • Adjustable IPD values | customizable fit
  • Hi-Res certified 3D surround sound


  • 3840 x 1920 px | ergonom. design 
  • Eye/face/hand tracking | FOV: 110°
  • PCVR-Streaming via USB-C / Wi-Fi 6E
  • 16 GB-Kamera incl. depth sensor
  • Adjustable IPD & dioptre | Cooling system
  • Hot-swappable battery | 3D surround sound
HTC VIVE Wireless Adapter

VIVE Wireless Adapter

  • Compatible with VIVE, VIVE Pro and VIVE Cosmos
  • Additional PCIe slot required in the PC
  • Battery life: up to 2.5 hours
  • incl. VIVE Wireless Adapter, battery and belt clip
  • incl. WiGig PCIe card and connection cable
HTC VIVE Tracker 3.0

VIVE Tracker 3.0

  • External tracking sensor
  • Integrates real objects into VR
  • Integration via SteamVR interface
  • Battery life: 7.5 hours | Weight: 75g
  • Enables full-body tracking
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