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AR Headsets from Vuzix

Discover the AR headsets from our partner VUZIX: The perfect smart glasses for professional use in industries, manufacturing, medicine, and more.

Value-added reseller

Vuzix specialises in the production of extremely lightweight AR solutions for businesses. With well over 300 patents for optical systems, Vuzix has invested heavily in the next generation of optics and is recognised as one of the world leaders in optical waveguide technology.

Leading VR hardware

As a leading provider of optical technology for near-eye displays, Vuzix is one of the world’s largest suppliers of smart glasses and can support customers with ready-made complete solutions, modular subsystems, or even customised waveguide and display engine designs.

Software for business

The revolutionary smart glasses from Vuzix are primarily used by companies in the logistics and manufacturing sectors, as well as in the medical and healthcare industry.

Applications such as remote video support for employees or customers, real-time data sharing, and innovative AI features, allow numerous business processes across various industries to be organised more efficiently.

The perfect balance between performance and comfort.

Bright, unobtrusive display with a wide field of vision

User-friendly, ergonomic design
Collaborative working via video streaming
Integration of leading platforms

Integrated tracking

Vuzix AR glasses are comfortable to wear and do not disturb you, while the AR technology creates a perfect balance between the digital and real world thanks to innovative optics, AI apps, and 5G capability.

A slim, ergonomic design and long battery life ensure all-day comfort and absolute portability. Request a quote now.

First-class wearing comfort

For the professional use of augmented reality smart glasses, wearing comfort is paramount.

Whether you work in a warehouse or in the operating theatre, AR glasses from Vuzix enhance your performance – with all-day comfort and flexibility.

Komfortable Smart Glasses von Vuzix
Vuzix SHield im Einsatz beim Schleifen mit einer Flex

Innovative waveguide technology

Vuzix’s patented Waveguide technology enables the development of Smart Glasses with crystal-clear, transparent displays. This allows users to virtually access all essential information without losing touch with the real world. The technologies of Vuzix’s smart glasses and components are the result of extensive research, design, and development, complemented by OEM partnerships with major technology companies. Thanks to lightweight, ergonomic Waveguide designs and innovative optics for display engines, unique, adaptable products are created.

Vuzix Incognito waveguide technology

Vuzix’s Incognito Waveguide technology prevents the display of front-facing content that is visible through waveguide-based devices. From confidential or secret information to meetings, because no visible light passes through the display, the visible content cannot be recognised from the outside. This technology makes Waveguide displays extremely efficient at controlling the flow of light through the lens, increasing the contrast of the display and improving visualisation in low light conditions. The result is an even clearer picture with no impact on battery performance or privacy.

This technology makes Waveguide displays extremely efficient at controlling the flow of light through the lens, increasing the contrast of the display and improving visualisation in low light conditions. The result is an even clearer picture with no impact on battery performance or privacy.

Highest-performance XR for any workflow.

VR & XR headsets at a glance
Discover the entire selection of Vuzix AR glasses in our partner shop
Varjo Reality Cloud ist die optimale VR-Software für Unternehmen

Lossless streaming of XR content

Professional 3D content workflows are complex and require advanced hardware setups, technical expertise, and costly maintenance.

Varjo Reality Cloud offloads the immense rendering loads of XR or VR software to powerful offsite GPUs. This allows highly immersive content to be streamed in real-time and in industry-leading resolution to affordable hardware.

Wie Augmented Reality die Arbeit revolutioniert


Integrating Vuzix Augmented Reality Smart Glasses into the healthcare system improves communication and clinical decision-making, optimising the quality of care throughout the organisation.


With Vuzix Smart Glasses, provide hands-free support and training to your employees right in their field of vision – increasing effectiveness, reducing errors, and improving safety. Configure your AR glasses remotely or have them loaded with pre-installed mobile device management software and scan a secure code to set up your smart glasses.

Field service

Vuzix’s innovative AR glasses connect field workers with AI databases and remote experts in real time, enabling them to reduce downtime

How you can use virtual reality for your business

Design & Engineering

Varjo is revolutionizing the way design and creative work is done on a professional level through their groundbreaking MR & VR headsets.

Using industry-leading technology, we immerse you in the most natural mixed and virtual reality environments ever created.

Medicine & Healthcare

With professional XR solutions, your team can prepare risk-free and effectively for the most challenging situations in real professional life.

Varjo’s MR & VR goggles can create an experience so natural that it puts medical professionals in a state of higher concentration and emotional engagement.


Through revolutionary hardware & software solutions of Virtual and Mixed Reality, new essential insights can be gained in various research areas such as. of behavioral research can be gained.

With the right combination of hardware and software, researchers can already capture data with real-world study accuracy while saving significant materials and costs.

Simulation & Training

The latest virtual reality solutions allow you to immerse your team in a photo-realistic and realistic training environment from one moment to the next.

This allows users to fully concentrate on their training directly as soon as the training simulation starts.

Our solutions are as individual as you are.

Fulfillment service provider for your project

Schenker Technologies provides additional fulfillment services, such as separate warehousing, to ensure continuous and reliable availability of all products – ideal for system integrators, resellers or ISVs (Independent Software Developers), for example.

In addition, an in-house dropshipping service allows direct shipping in your name and with an individually designed delivery bill according to your specifications – including international deliveries including customs clearance.

Professional customer support

Rely on Schenker Technologies’ award-winning first-level and, for technically challenging requests, second-level support and world-class service. Your contact persons are located at the company headquarters in Leipzig and therefore work closely together with all other departments in order to process your request in an efficient and well-versed manner.

This approach is an expression of the deliberately chosen strategy to map all areas from pre-sales to order processing and after-sales in-house. This means that you not only receive quick and competent answers to your questions yourself, but also trilingual first and second level support for your own customers (German, English, French) if required.

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