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VIVE Business VR-Headsets für Unternehmen

VR headsets from VIVE Business

Change the way you work.

VIVE Business Partner

Every company has specific needs for VR technology. Some require the best possible hardware via PC rendering, large-scale room-scale tracking, or multiple users in one environment. Others value convenience, portability, and lower-cost standalone systems for entering the world of virtual reality.

As the B2B distribution partner of HTC VIVE in the D-A-CH region, we are able to offer our customers the full range of VIVE business solutions.

Cutting-edge VR hardware

VIVE VR headsets include huchperformant technology from the first modular mixed reality headset to high-resolution displays. In addition to razor-sharp displays, VIVE’s VR & XR goggles are equipped with versatile tracking features such as precise room-scale tracking.

Compatibility with numerous applications makes the flexible high-end VR hardware suitable for both entertaining VR experiences and immersive business applications.

B2B software solutions

Streamline your business operations with VIVE Business+: The web-based application and enterprise-level services provide comprehensive tools to manage your VIVE XR Elite and VIVE Focus 3 devices, including management, monitoring, and deployment.

Enjoy efficiency and ease of use on a single platform to stay in control of your VIVE standalone devices.

Immersive collaboration

Also work together separately

Work remotely? No problem. Boost confidence in this technology and foster team spirit wherever you are.

VIVE Business brings together teams in different locations in an immersive 3D environment that is free of distractions. Collaborate and connect beyond the boundaries of the physical world.

Learning mit VR
VR for trainings & education

Better and faster learning

Research shows that VR students are more engaged, learn more effectively, and retain knowledge longer. Work with multiple colleagues simultaneously in a real-world environment. Efficient and safe – without disrupting workflows.

3D Models & Prototyping

Design and visualization

Bring a team together across any distance to review everything from the big picture to the smallest detail. Rate, provide feedback, and make 3D changes in real time.


Make Your Vision Reality.

All headsets at a glance

Discover the entire selection of VIVE XR headsets also in our partner shop

Work Smarter.

Flexible. Compact. Powerful.

True efficiency with VIVE XR Elite

The versatile VIVE XR Elite Business Edition offers fully immersive virtual and mixed reality in a powerful, compact all-in-one package.

Merge physical and virtual worlds and discover new possibilities in mixed reality thanks to the high-resolution RGB passthrough color camera and precise depth sensor.

All you need

Numerous additional accessories

Everything you need for your individual VR and AR applications.
As a VIVE Business partner, we can offer you a wide range of VIVE accessories – from charging stations to various trackers.

All you need

Numerous additional accessories

Everything you need for your individual VR and AR applications.
As a VIVE Business partner, we can offer you a wide range of VIVE accessories – from charging stations to various trackers.

VIVE Business+ Logo

Optimize your workflows

The web-based application and enterprise-level services provide the tools to help you manage your VIVE XR Elite and VIVE Focus 3 devices.

VIVE Business+ VR-Software für Unternehmen

How you can use VIVE Business for your business

Design & Marketing

Visualize your concepts in VR, create exciting customer interactions or maximize the reach of your virtual events.

With VIVE Business, you can efficiently leverage VR and AR for your business to take your campaigns and workflows to the next level.

Simulation & Training

With the right VR hardware & software solutions, you can provide your employees with the necessary expertise effectively and risk-free.

This allows you to reduce your costs with VIVE Business while increasing the security of your training programs.

Rehabilitation & Therapy

VIVE Business can help you realize the unlimited potential of VR in healthcare.

From remote diagnostics to cognitive therapy to injury rehab and more, cutting-edge virtual & mixed reality software & hardware solutions are opening up a host of new possibilities.

Education & Learning

VR and AR can be used efficiently not only in schools and universities, but also in employee training and development.

Make learning and teaching more fun, accessible, and engaging through immersive VR experiences.


The latest virtual reality hardware & software creates entirely new possibilities for museums, concerts and theme parks.

Develop unprecedented content and create experiences for exhibitions and events that are second to none.

The future of meetings

VIVE Sync is the all-in-one solution for meetings and collaboration in VR. Feel like you are in the same room, even if you are on the other side of the world.

Fulfillment service provider for your project

Schenker Technologies provides additional fulfillment services, such as separate warehousing, to ensure continuous and reliable availability of all products – ideal for system integrators, resellers or ISVs (Independent Software Developers), for example.

In addition, an in-house dropshipping service allows direct shipping in your name and with an individually designed delivery bill according to your specifications – including international deliveries including customs clearance.

Professional customer support

Rely on Schenker Technologies’ award-winning first-level and, for technically challenging requests, second-level support and world-class service. Your contact persons are located at the company headquarters in Leipzig and therefore work closely together with all other departments in order to process your request in an efficient and well-versed manner.

This approach is an expression of the deliberately chosen strategy to map all areas from pre-sales to order processing and after-sales in-house. This means that you not only receive quick and competent answers to your questions yourself, but also trilingual first and second level support for your own customers (German, English, French) if required.

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