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High-end desktop workstation for creatives, gamers and music producers: The XMG STUDIO X is your professional all-round genius – extremely powerful, quiet and equipped with carefully selected premium components.

Audio Editing
Image editing
Content Creation
3D design

Real-time audio & video editing

The whole concept of the XMG STUDIO X is designed to keep DPC latencies as low as possible – from a selection of components specially chosen and tested for this purpose, to a customized operating system with disabled background services, to optimized BIOS settings.

In this way, the system is optimally prepared for latency-critical real-time audio recording and reduces the quality-critical DPC latencies to an absolute minimum. Even with professional video editing, no frames are dropped during playback. Everything runs smoothly and to the point.

Made To Create

XMG STUDIO desktop PCs are designed to excel in every creative discipline imaginable – be it demanding photo and video editing, lightning-fast rendering, 3D CAD applications or music production with the lowest possible DPC latencies.

The XMG STUDIO X was specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of creative professionals and content creators, and with its wide selection of powerful HIgh-End components, it is a true universal genius. Whether you’re a graphic designer, video creator or music producer, this high-end desktop PC is the perfect workstation for professional creatives in a variety of industries.

Technical features

High-end desktop GPUs up to NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada and Intel processors up to Intel’s Core i9-13900KS 24-core CPU ensure optimal performance for professional creative tasks with custom BIOS profiles, among other things.

Intel, NVIDIA and AMD

Customized performance

All XMG STUDIO X desktop PCs are based on Intel’s latest platform and the powerful K processors from the 13th Core generation. As a result, the systems not only support the latest DDR5 high-performance memory, but also the fastest PCI Express 4.0 SSDs.

Furthermore, not only CPUs up to the 24-core Intel Core i9- but also a multitude of smart tweaks and improvements make this desktop PC the perfect choice for professional creatives.

Optimal airflow, maximum performance

Graphics cards for every use case

From systems that rely exclusively on Intel’s integrated graphics chip to a selection of different AMD Radeon as well as NVIDIA GeForce and professional RTX graphics cards – XMG STUDIO X also stands for customized performance when it comes to GPUs.

In addition to desktop GPUs up to NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada, the XMG STUDIO X also convinces at the highest level thanks to a premium mainboard and air cooling concept. Custom BIOS profiles and a specially adapted Windows installation for the lowest possible DPC latencies make the XMG STUDIO X an efficient workstation when it comes to professional content creation.

Windows 11 Pro - designed for hybrid working

Windows 11 Professional is the ideal operating system for modern, hybrid work environments, bringing together flexible offline and online capabilities by linking Windows 11 and Windows 365. Work from anywhere in your familiar environment – both on your own laptop and on any Windows 365 cloud PC in your organization.

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