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The SCHENKER MEDIA Station offers balanced overall performance for versatile applications and, thanks to NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards and specially adapted drivers, impresses with maximum stability even when calculating 3D models.

Media design
Video editing
MEDIA Station mit AMD-CPU

Professional all-rounder

Depending on the requirements of your company, the SCHENKER MEDIA Station can be freely configured with a wide range of powerful components and is particularly suitable as a professional all-purpose workstation for pretty much all tasks that arise in everyday business.

From graphically demanding programs for rendering & 3D design/modeling, animation, or digital drawing, to the most demanding VR and AR applications, trust it to run any application quickly and efficiently.

Media design at the highest level

With a wide selection of desktop GPUs, the SCHENKER MEDIA Station can be equipped with pinpoint graphics performance as desired to run the most demanding creative tasks quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Whether graphic design, image or video editing: Thanks to specially adapted drivers, even performance-demanding apps and programs can be used under with ease. Easily cut and render video in Adobe Premiere Pro, take advantage of the latest AI features in Photoshop, create high-resolution illustrations in Adobe Illustrator, or design digital media in InDesign without being limited by your hardware.

Technical features

Thanks to several graphics cards up to NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 Ada and powerful CPUs from AMD or Intel, the SCHENKER MEDIA Station can convince with reliable high-end performance.

24 cores

High-end Intel CPUs

MEDIA Station PCs are available in both Intel and AMD equipment versions. This allows you to decide based on your specific user profile whether the base of your workstation should be based on Intel’s Core i9-13900KS CPU or an AMD Ryzen 9 7950X processor will provide the necessary performance.

While the AMD version can be equipped with a maximum of 128 GB of working memory, the version with an Intel processor can even be equipped with up to 192 GB.


Highest graphics performance

The desktop PCs of the SCHENKER MEDIA Station are equipped with powerful NVIDIA Quadro, or alternatively RTX 40 graphics cards, and are thus suitable for even the highest graphical challenges.

Thanks to specially adapted drivers, calculations in the field of 3D design can also be executed with maximum system stability and speed.

Windows 11 Pro - designed for hybrid working

Windows 11 Professional is the ideal operating system for modern, hybrid work environments, bringing together flexible offline and online capabilities by linking Windows 11 and Windows 365. Work from anywhere in your familiar environment – both on your own laptop and on any Windows 365 cloud PC in your organization.

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