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The SCHENKER CAD Station is a powerful high-end desktop PC for companies and professional users who work particularly intensively with 3D CAD applications.

Office operation
3D modeling
VR applications

Perfect for CAD & CAE

AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks and more: the SCHENKER CAD Station is equipped with up to two NVIDIAs Quadro RTX A6000 GPUs as needed, providing more than enough graphics power to handle the most challenging CAD and CAE applications.

Thanks to the perfectly optimized double-precision performance, it is also ideal for professional users such as engineers, architects and designers who work intensively with complex 3D CAD applications.

Quiet operation in the office

A smart cooling system and an extensively soundproofed housing allow the SCHENKER CAD Station to handle the most demanding CAD workloads, even in continuous use, while keeping noise emissions to a minimum.

This feature makes the SCHENKER CAD Station the perfect workstation for the office. Enjoy the freedom to solve even the most complex CAD projects together on-site without having to disturb other team members by running their high-performance workstation.

Technical features

High-performance Intel CPUs and NVIDIA graphics cards with up to 48 GB of GDDR6 memory deliver more than enough power for any CAD application.

24 cores

High-performance Intel CPUs

The SCHENKER CAD Station is aimed primarily at professional users who work particularly intensively with 3D CAD applications.

Thanks to an Intel Core i9-13900KS processor with up to 24 computing cores, it can also convince with demanding, parallel workloads and is best suited for all applications that require high computing power.

Quadro RTX A6000 CPUs

NVIDIA CPUs in ATX format

With the option to hold up to two high-end graphics cards such as NVIDIA’s Quadro RTX A6000 GPUs, the SCHENKER CAD Station can provide massive graphics performance for 3D CAD applications or other demanding tasks as needed.

CAD Stations are full-blown desktop PC systems in ATX format and consequently offer more flexibility and customization options in terms of additional PCI Express plug-in cards, SSDs, hard drives and more compared to smaller models.

Windows 11 Pro - designed for hybrid working

Windows 11 Professional is the ideal operating system for modern, hybrid work environments, bringing together flexible offline and online capabilities by linking Windows 11 and Windows 365. Work from anywhere in your familiar environment – both on your own laptop and on any Windows 365 cloud PC in your organization.

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