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Lynkt Efficient process optimization

Lynkt develops efficient workflow management software to help companies optimize their processes. The application automates manual tasks through digital checklists and intelligent work instructions, which improves operational efficiency.


Lynkt makes life easier for your operational professionals with a digital assistant that provides guidance, simplifies data entry and speeds up problem solving.

Remote Rendering

Secure the process knowledge and process logic of your experts and implement best-practice flows across different locations and languages with just one click – without complex IT projects or external service providers.

Optimization of design reviews

Gain real-time insights into ongoing processes, identify costly bottlenecks and optimize your workflows with data support.

Other benefits

  • AI-supported worker guidance

    AI-supported worker guidance

  • Process automation

    Process automation

  • Digital workflows

    Digital workflows

  • Analytics


Lynkt areas of application

Increased sales & faster market launch

Once set up, the digital workflow can be initiated across different locations with just one click. The software automates error-prone manual tasks such as process orchestration, task management and necessary process controls.

Training and inspection

Give your technicians all the contextual information and support they need to ensure the right process quality.

User-friendliness through design

Provide your employees with order-specific commissioning checklists, which you can organize centrally and create digital proofs automatically.


Improve your FTFR by empowering your technicians and those of your partners with the right knowledge, at the right time.

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